In 1968, the "mother of all the demo" happened by Doug Engerlbert and I was -7 years yet to birth.

When, in 1975, ARC stopped to receive funds and Microsoft was going be incorporated, the world was ready for me..


Since I was a boy, I touched a lot of important gigs: not mentioning Big Jim, Nintendo Donkey Kong, Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Basic, Amiga 500, etc.

Dos 5.0 and Window 3 tought me a lot, about how to "lose files and reinstall everything without pain" - mastering the use of a pc.

Then, finding super interesting the approach to the past generation..with Pascal 8, Clipper 4.3 I decided to start to work on that, specifically on voice systems.

It was the 1995. But suddenly an upgrade "different" from the others blue out my mind: Windows 95. By coincidence, it was also the year of the first stable release of Visual Basic - circa the 3.0.

The lesson for me was that the tech world was really quick, and there was no time to complaint: "a software developer must be involved but take a decision in 5 sec!"

So, I kept up my sleeves and I embraced the following personal "upgrades": Visual Basic till ver 6, HTML, Javascript, ASP, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

In 2003 circa, suddenly, the world became more Open..Source and Ajax like.. causing the extinction of my (Microsoft) generation. Decisions have to be taken in 5sec and without pain: hello Linux, PHP, Docker, etc.

Actually I'm formally involved in the following projects:

  1. Open Gallery, an image search engine with its galleries
  2. Niknkn, a Facebook gallery generator
  3. Some code.
  4. Some ideas yet to come.
  5. This website: me

Indeed, there are many moments that I'd like to remember but nothing compared to the birth of our baby.

Eventually we can meet on my blog, and please don't miss to email me here.